Marshall Goldsmith & The Doerr Institute: University-wide approach to leader development

During Marshall Goldsmith’s visit to the Doerr Institute at Rice University, he sat down with director Tom Kolditz to discuss the Doerr Institute’s approach to a university-wide leader development system.

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Tom Kolditz Leadership Development

Professor Thomas Kolditz: Professor in the Practice of Leadership and Management & Director of the Leadership Development Program

Leadership synchronizes, coordinates, and focuses effort. It inspires people to work harder individually and it creates conditions for people to work better together.

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Ethics & Leadership with Tom Kolditz

Ethics and Leadership: Innovations in Education

A discussion of innovative approaches to shaping students into ethically aware organizational citizens, ready to lead and to work as part of a team.
Moderator: Professor Thomas A. Kolditz
Director of the Leadership Development Program, Yale School of Management

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CBS – The Early Show | New Challenges for Miners

Tom Kolditz speaks with Harry Smith of the CBS Early Show, about new challenges that may face the 33 Chilean miners now that they are freed.

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Leading in Tough Times | Col. Tom Kolditz with Mark C. Thompson

Col. Tom Kolditz, head of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at the U.S. Military Academy and author of In Extremis Leadership, says carrying your team through a crisis requires a special kind of leadership and competency.

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General Tom Kolditz: Extreme Leadership Expert, Psychologist, Keynote Speaker, Military Tactician

Brigadier General (Ret.) Thomas A. Kolditz is an internationally recognized expert on crisis leadership and leadership in extreme contexts, as well as cross cultural leadership, and the development of programs to inculcate leadership and leader development in everything from project teams to large organizations.

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In Extremis Leadership: Leading As If Your Life Depended On It

A talk with Thomas A. Kolditz, Brigadier General (Ret.) and Executive Director of the Leadership Program at the Yale School of Management.

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